1. ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN SAMBAYAN  -   activities are generated towards the External Target to generate community partnership and also as partners in security development.  Under this effort, our mission is to organize the different community sectors and forge a united front in the fight against crime, terrorism, insurgency, and other forms of lawlessness.

2. ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN SANTINIG  -  uses the various forms of media for the Internal and External Targets.  Under this effort, our mission is to provide adequate, accurate, relevant, and timely information about the PNP programs and activities and to clarify issues relevant of the PNP.  It shall use Operations to attain psychological advantage and enhance skills of personnel to be community organizers and Police Community practitioners and for the community to support PNP programs.

3. BARANGAY PEACEKEEPING ACTION TEAMS (BPATs)  -  aims to empower the community in the maintenance of peace and order.  The PNP recognizes the role of Barangay Tanods, Bantay Bayan, 3738Civilian Volunteer Organizations (CVOs), Barangay Auxiliaries, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and People’s Organizations as “force multipliers” in the fight against criminality, insurgency and terrorism.  Similarly, BPAT members will be trained in rescue operations, and disaster preparedness, management and control necessary to prevent/lessen the loss of lives and damage to property in times of calamities.

4. PNP INTEGRATED TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM  -  this program was launched as our road map for a long-term and lasting reforms in the PNP.  This ITP has a ten-year time frame (2005-2015) which aims to resolve organizational and systematic dysfunctions; improve morale and welfare of personnel; and strengthen the law enforcement capability of the police.  This Program presents a comprehensive and holistic approach to reform the PNP with its honest-to-goodness assessment of its present institutional framework, policies, systems, structures, and procedures towards a more Capable, Effective and Credible police force.

5. IMPLEMENTATION OF PIPS                 
                  Bulacan PPO conducted two (2) two-hour checkpoints, one (1) in the morning and one (1) in the afternoon,  for every City/Municipal Police Station which quantifies into a total of forty-eight (48) daily targets for twenty-four (24) police stations for a total of three hundred thirty six (336) checkpoints being conducted weekly, or an aggregate total of 5,376 from January 1 to April 30, 2011 depending on the crime-prone areas, crime pattern analysis, crime clock and intelligence estimate of the area. The same tactics is being applied in the deployment of Motorized Anti-Street Crime Operations (MASCO), Beat Patrol and Mobile Patrol who were deploy to places where most people converge and where most of the crimes were committed to intensify implementation of OPLAN SITA, OPLAN BAKAL to deter the occurrence of crimes involving riding-in-tandem criminals and lessen the proliferation of street crimes.