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            As    part    of    Philippine     National    Police,     San       Miguel Police     Station   was organized primarily to enforce the law, maintain peace and order and ensure  public  safety    within this Municipality which is consisted of Forty Nine (49) Barangays. Among it’s functions and duties are General Police Duties. Miscellaneous Police duties and to perform such other task and exercise all other functions as provided by Law and comply to any directives/instructions as ordered by Higher Headquarters.

            San Miguel Police Station at first held its office in the lower part of the San Miguel Municipal Building. It was on the year 1989 when the police station was transferred to its own separate Building located at the back of the Municipal Building. The police station is part of the municipal compound which has a total land area of 10,000 Square Meters. Among its facilities are the main Police Headquarters and Municipal Jail of which is adjacent together with the administrative building. The building located beside was name FELIX TAYAG Building where the offices of the Administration, Operation, Intelligence,  and Communication Office was located at the ground floor. Second Floor of said building is the office and quarters of the Chief of Police. The front right part of the municipal police station lies a bungalow type building where the Municipal Jail was adjacent to the Investigation Section, beside this room was the quarter of the Deputy Chief of Police and the next room serves as the kitchen or mess hall. The office of the Warrant and Subpoena Section was a separate building located inside the park. Adjacent to it is the conference/function  hall of the station.

            The front part of the offices is a Hallway that serves as receiving area.  It serves as the main entrance where the desk Officer/Information Desk is located and where all Complaints and other citizens need will be first entertained before turning-over to the concerned section. Other Local Government Offices inside the municipal compound are the Municipal Hall Building, Rural Health Office, COMELEC office, Municipal Agrarian Reform Office, Dept of Social Welfare Office, Senior Citizens Building, Municipal Fire Station Office and Motor Pool.

            The First Hepe de Policia of San Miguel Police Station of this Municipality is Senior  Gregorio Esguerra from October 16, 1919 to October 16, 1934, followed by Senior Alfredo  Buencamino, Senior Felipe Gonzales, Senior Valentin Maniquiz, and Senior Vicente Reyes from Oct 16, 1934 to Oct 16, 1937. From October 16, 1937 to October 16, 1938 is Senior Valentin Maniquiz, January 1, 1938 to January 1, 1941 is Senior Francisco Virey. From January 1, 1941 to January 1945 Senior Felipe Gonzales, Senior Miguel S Tecson, Senior Armando P Cruz, Senior Benjamin Alvarez, Senior Miguel Tecson. From 1945 to 1947 Senior Ariston dela Fuente and Senior Ubaldo Tecson. From 1952 to 1955 Puno ng Policia Bonifacio Villaceran, Luis Sta Maria, Nicanor dela Cruz. From 1955 to 1963 Hepe de Policia. From 1963 to 1964 Ginoong Pablo Sarmiento Puno ng Policia. From 1964 to 1971 Puno ng Policia Bonifacio Villaceran, Armando P Cruz, Ginoong Libunao. 1972 to 1976 Puno ng Policia is Fernando B Mendez, From 1976 to 1979 Lt Eliseo Hernandez. Puno ng Policia. From 1979 to 1986 ILT Pepito Antang PC Chief of Police, From 1986 to Oct 25, 1988 Arturo G Legaspi, Chief of Police. From March1988 June 1988 P/LT Jesus Lava. From July 1988-August 1988 P/LT Buenaventura Viray. From August 1988- 1989 P/LT Rufino Mendoza. From 1989  Cpt Salvador Santos. From 1989-1991 P/Major Armando Morelos/. From 1991-1992  Capt Melchor V Reyes. From 1992-1993 PSINP Arturo G Legaspi.   from 1993-1994 PSINP Norberto Solomon. From 1994-1995 PSINP Ricardo Zapata. from 1995-1996 PSINP Edgardo G Tinio. From 1995-1996 PSINP Noli O Pacheco. From 1996-1997 PCI Manolito Labador. From 1997-1998 P/Major Pedro Galos. from 1998-2000 PSUPT Jake De Leon. from 2000-2001 PSUPT Benjamin Cabiltes. from 2001-2003 PSUPT Pablo Ochoco. From 2003-2004 PCI Prudencio P Legaspi. From 2004 PCI Eufemio De Guia Espino. from 01 Feb 2005-2006 P/Col Ansalon V Salboro. from 2006-2007 PCI Ernesto P Basa. from  2007-2008 PSupt Romel C Salac.  from  Sept 11, 2009 – Aug 08, 2010 PSUPT Anselmo Manilag Baluyot. from  Aug 09,2010 – July 26, 2010 PSUPT Manuel Lucas Santos Jr. from   July 27, 2010 - PSUPT Rolando Panganiban Santos - PSUPT MARCOS CANO RIVERO which up to this present is continuously enforce the law maintain peace and order with the active support of the present administration of Mayor Roderick DG Tiongson, Municipal Mayor of San Miguel, Bulacan.