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     Obando originated from a small barrio known as Catanghalan in the Municipality of Meycauyan as far back as the 16th century.

      In the year 1588, Catanghalan was declared as an “encomienda” under the governance of a native by the name Don Felipe Armanlangagui, their ,means of live- lihood consist mainly of fishery and agriculture.

      Subsequently, by virtue of a decree promulgated during the year 1753, barrio Catanghalan became a town named after the Governor-General of the Philippines at that time, which was other than Don Jose Francisco De Obando y Solis. The town of Obando was established on May 14, 1753.

     The Obando Police Station has operational jurisdiction over eleven (11) barangays, two (2) of which are island barangays. It has a total land area of 15.92 sq. kms., with a population of 63,817 as the latest count. The town of Obando of latitude 14° 42’ 40”  North and 120° 56’ 15” is bounded by the Municipality of Bulacan and Meycauyan on the north, south by Malabon City, Navotas on the west and Valenzuela City on the east, the latter were all part of Metro Manila. Obando is generally a coastal area, 65% of the total land area devoted to fishpond and other related nature of business.

      Obando Police Station was established in 1957 simultaneous with the erection of the Municipal Building. Its is originally located at the ground floor of the Municipal Building. Since then, many improvement had been made and until later, in year 2004, it was transferred at its present location in Brgy. Paliwas this municipality.

      From the time the Police Station was established up to present, there are thirty-four (34) who served as Chief of Police. From 1957 up to the early days of Martial Law in 1972, the Chief of Police was appointed of his own choice by the Local Chief Executive. With the creation of PC/INP and now the PNP, the Chief of Police of every City and Municipality is being appointed by the PNP hierarchy.

      Obando Police station was adjudged as Best Police Station in the Province of Bulacan for a number of times and recipient of numerous awards from government and other civic organizations

      From the time the Police Station was established, there is no recorded or reported incident that it was attacked by any threat groups.

      At present, the Police Station has a total number of twenty-three (26) personnel composed of two (2) PCO, nineteen (23) PNCOs and one (1) NUP.