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           The social unrest created by five year of war which begun in 1896 had bred several uprisings of other acts of violence.

The Malolos Police Station was established in 1940 simultaneous with the erection of the Municipal building. It is originally located at the ground floor of the Municipal hall building and later on transferred at the basement. Malolos Police Station became City of Malolos Police Station after the charter of the City of Malolos was first passed through Republic Act 8754 in 1999. The bill’s author was then Rep. Wilhelmino M Sy-Alvarado. Since then, many improvements had been made and until later in the year 2005 when it was again transferred at its present location at the 1st floor of the City Hall building. The Investigation Section, Office of the Chief of Police and the Tactical Operation Section are located in the east direction of the City Hall, while the Admin, PCR, Logistics, Warrant and WCPD Section are in the North direction of the City Hall. Malolos City Police Station is structured by wooden door has no door knob or any locking device; it has a glass window without any iron grills that would serve as barrier in case of harassment or attack.
At present the CMPS has a round the clock guarding system, it has a 12 hours shifting duty with at least 20 personnel per shift whose primary duties is the protection of lives and properties. The CMPS has a QRT ready on call for any eventualities.

The COP is very much concern on the proper wearing of uniform of personnel on duty and their primary and secondary weapons to include communication equipment of those personnel performing guard duty to prevent and deter any threat group from attacking or harassing the installation. Visitors were screened by the duty personnel at the information desk before allowing entry at the office. The office of WCPD, PCR, Admin, are classified as white area, while the Investigation, Intelligence, and DEU offices are classified as Blue area.  There is no visitor’s lounge where visitors can be confined to limit their movement in the station.  The installation doesn’t have existing identification and control of organic vehicles.

The front area of the Malolos CPS (in front of City Hall) are declared no parking zone for security reason while its left portion was declared parking zone for motorcycles only while the vacant lot located on the right side of the installation is being use as parking area of patrol vehicles.

The Malolos CPS has an updated fire prevention program, fire defense plan, evacuation priority, fire escape plan and fire extinguisher, the BFP office and sufficient numbers of fire trucks are also factor to be considered in.
The good leadership of the COP resulted in the high morale of its
Personnel and low absentee rate. It is the inherent duty of the officer of the day to ensure that security practices are maintained and implemented.

The installation maintained an updated list of telephone numbers of different Police Station, Fire Station, AFP and CAA Detachment in the area, Hospitals and other law enforcement agencies. Only the office of the Investigation, WCPC, PCR, Operation and Admin have their own computer desk top, while the Logistic, Intelligence Section and CAID-SOT Section don’t have their own computer desk top.

Actual strength of City of Malolos PS is Seventy Five (75) Organic Personnel composed of Six (6) PCOs, Sixty Six (66) PNCOs, Three (3) NUP, Police to population ratio (1/3,889). Ninety percent (90%) of personnel from this office were dispatched/assigned outside police station, only 10 percent (10%) of personnel were remained at the station for administrative works. The City of Malolos PS also has the support of Five (5) NGO groups, namely the PRIMO, GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD, ARREST, KABALIKAT and the DRC riders as force multipliers.

City of Malolos PS became one of the Field Training Center for the New Police Recruit from Regional Training School since 2006 up to present, where substantial activities on Patrol, Traffic and Investigation are being conducted. The Chief of Police in the above mentioned areas are being responsible in the implementation of the FTP. The COP always ensure that the Field Training Program shall function efficiently and effectively to attain the objectives of the FTP program.

The CMPS have twenty four (23) pieces of high power rifles, and forty four (43) pieces of short firearms.  Operating units were given preference in issuance of long firearms. The installation has five (5) mobile patrol units, one (1) armored van and six (6) motorcycles with an average monthly consumption of six thousands two hundred twelve (6,212) liters of petroleum and oil.   The installation main source of power is the Meralco Power Plant and its main source of water is the City of Malolos Water District. The CMPS personnel are under strict instruction of the COP not to give any information to anyone regarding any operation conducted by the office; It is the practice of this office that no one can give any information without his approval.

From the time the Police Station was established, there is no reported or recorded incident that it was attacked or harassed by any threat group.