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           The town of Bukawe was once a part of Meycauayan, Bulacan.  It lies west of Sta. Maria, north of Marilao, east of Bulacan and south of Balagtas.  The name of Bukawe has its origin from the word Bukawe, a tree belonging to the species of bamboo.  It is said that the bamboo was used as a weapon (sibat) by the early inhabitants katipuneros against the Spanish conquistadores.  This beautiful town is divided by the Sta. Maria/Bukawe River, which originated from the rugged mountain ranges of Sierra Madre rolling down into a slumbering current towards Manila Bay.
            BUKAWE even during the early times was frequently being flooded.  A certain Captain Gorio (Gregorio Roxas) together with the town people pooled their resources together and made diggings on the river for years in order to prevent the floodings of the Poblacion.  This is where the name of the village “Hinukay” originated.

            In 1606, Bukawe was separated from Meycauayan by virtue of a petition signed by a group of its inhabitants in a small barrio chapel of Malhacan, Meycauayan, installing its first official under the leadership of Fr. Pedro delos Santos.  Bukawe was then composed of Bigaa (now Balagtas) and Pandi.  The signing of the separation documents of Bukawe from Meycauayan was made and taken place in a small village chapel in Meycauayan.  From then on, the following administrators in the town of Bukawe were called as “KAPITAN MUNISIPAL” and some of these who held this position were Kapitan Munisipal Gregorio Roxas, Benito Garcia, Camilo de Guzman, Marciano Reyes and Vicente Enriquez.

            In 1899, Bukawe was occupied by the American forces.  At that time the people fled to the mountains until peace was restored.  In 1900, a military government was established wherein Mariano Ramirez was chosen as the town head.  This is also heralded the beginning of the American occupation of the Philippines.  And in 1901, a civil government took over under Gregorio dela Cruz who was chosen by popular votes and the one who was elected President (new term on a leader) of the town of Bukawe to lead the municipality similar to those who were voted afterwards in their order of succession up to present.
            In 1911, Bigaa along with Pandi was granted autonomy.  In the same year, Bigaa was separated from Bukawe and to its added the town of Pandi; which become one of Bigaa’s barrios.  In 1946, shortly after the Philippines gained political freedom from the United States of America, Pandi by a virtue of a legislative fiat was given a municipal charter of its own, distinct and apart from Bigaa.

            Today, Bukawe promises to be a very prosperous town similar to any semi-urbanized community near Metro Manila.  The following are the 19 Barangays whose names are clear derivations from the names of trees and other agricultural land like Bulak, Alibambang, Taal, Ipil, Bigmay, Lumboy, and some agriplaces like Tumana, Kaingin, Tambubong and many others: ANTIPONA, BAGUMBAYAN, BAMBANG, BATIA, BINANG I, BINANG II, BUNDUKAN, BUNLO, BOLAKAN, DUHAT, IGULOT, KAINGIN, LOLOMBOY, POBLACION, SULUKAN, TAAL, TAMBUBONG, TURO, and WAKAS.
            To wit, the progress of Bukawe was quite rapid as there have been plenty of ricemills, gasoline station, banks, cottage industries, fish dealership, fishpond, Riceland, restaurants, and of course fireworks and entertainment places that were established over the years.

            One very significant events or traditions that Bukawe is famous for is the so-called Fluvial procession which is being held twice a year among Catholic devotees.  The image of the town’s patron saint is temporarily enshrined in a floating temple-like structure called “PAGODA” along the banks of the river.  The first procession is being held on June 24 in honor of St. John the Baptist and the second on the first Sunday of July in honor of the Holy Cross of Wawa.
            The following are the previous and present leaders of Bukawe who served in their best capacities in their order of succession, to wit:

                                    1901-1902                              -        Gregorio dela Cruz
                                    1902-1904                              -        Vicente L. Enriquez
                                    1904-1905                              -        Victor Pascual
                                    1905-1907                              -        Lorenzo Galvez
                                    1908-1909                              -        Mariano Reyes
                                    1910-1912                              -        Dionisio Morales
                                    1913-1916                              -        Victor Pascual
                                    1916-1919                              -        Honorato Ramirez
                                    1919-1922                              -        Emiliano Eusebio
                                    1922-1928                              -        Guillermo Mendoza
                                    1928-1933                              -        Dominador L. Santos
                                    1934-1935                              -        Gregorio de Guzman
                                    1935-1937                              -        Emiliano Eusebio
                                    1938-1940                              -        Dominador L. Santos
                                    1940-1941                              -        Dioscoro M. Juan
                                    1942-1944                              -        Manolito Vistan
                                    1944-                                      -        Joaquin San Juan
                                    1945-1947                              -        Dioscoro Juan
                                    1948-1951                              -        Moises E. Nicolas
                                    1952-1955                              -        Evangelino Mendoza
                                    1956-1959                              -        Dioscoro M. Juan
                                    1960-1964                              -        Moises E. Nicolas
                                    1965-1971                              -        Simeon Mauricio
                                    1972-1979                              -        Matias B. Ramirez
                                    1979-1986                              -        Zacarias G. del Rosario
                        May 1986- Nov. 1986                        -        Ranulfo “Maran” David
                        Dec. 01, 1987- Feb. 1988                   -       Cesar N. Nicolas
                        Feb. 02, 1988- 1992                           -        Lorenzo P. Gonzales
                        July 01, 1992   -  Sept.28, 1999          -        Serafin M. dela Cruz
                        Sept. 29,1999  -  June 30, 2001          -        Jose D.G. Santiago
                        July 01, 2001   -  June 30, 2004          -        Eduardo J. Villanueva, Jr.
                        July 01, 2004   -  June  30,2007          -        Serafin M. dela Cruz
                        July 2007 to date                                -           Eduardo J Villanueva Jr.