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           In 1901, a military government was established in the province of Bulacan, Don Mariano Santiago was appointed the first Governardor Militar for Angat and later on became the first Mayor.

            At the time of the Japanese occupation, Angat was converted into a regular garrison. The establishment of the of the prison camp started the reign of terror in the locality. Struggle became more active and intense between the guerilla organization and the Japaneses forces until a portion of the town was burned  and left by the Japanese. Barangay Niugan was laso burned downed when a guerilla sniper killed a Japanese officer.

            In 1945, rehabilitation started. A sort of liberation government was organized with the aim of rebuilding the town. Major Luis Infantado was appointed major of the town.

            After the liberation, the municipality of Angat elected their first mayor Mr. Francisco F. Illecas and he appoint first Station Commander of Angat Police station in the name of  Felizardo Sarmiento (1963) followed by Marcelino del Rosario, Leon Collante,  Cpl Andres , PCol Barredo, PCol Domingo Caraballe, PLt Avelino C Cruz, PCol Tiqui, PCol Ramon D Bibit ,  PCol  Carlito Feliciano, PMaj  Orlando Olaran

             When the old building was reconstructed, the Police Station was moved out  at the  old building of Angat  Rural with the supervision of PSupt Rizalito Andaya.

            In  August 1997, under the supervision of PCol Alfredo Siwa, the Police Station was transferred at newly constructed building.

            After  the term of PCol Alfredo Siwa,  PCol Prudencio P Legaspi assumed post as Chief of Police of Police followed by PSUPT Tomas de Armas, PSUPT Aurelio R Ducay  Jr, PCI Sabino L Vengco, PCI Roginald Francisco, PCI Jacqueline P Puapo and at present PCI ARWIN M TADEO PNP, as newly designated Officer In Charge.

            It is worthy to note that the reconstruction of new building  occupied by  PNP is thru the effort of Ex Mayor Leonardo  R de Leon.